Preparing for 3.0?

Are there any documents/websites for 3.0 that take out all of the things marked for future deprecation? Or perhaps one that focuses on features useful for current generation graphics cards.

How about a list of what extensions are reliable on different OS/different graphics cards? As a beginner I have no idea what is reliable to use as I only have the IGP on my 780g motherboard to test with. The only thing I can conclude is to avoid intel graphics drivers at all cost.

From reading the message board it seems 3.0 for the most part is OpenGL ES once all the things marked for deprecation are taken out. Would be just using what’s in ES be a good start?

I was actually interested in starting last fall, but I waited for 3.0 expecting it to be a “clean start.” Though in the long run maybe it won’t matter since the direction in computer graphics is more or less a software engine running on the GPU instead of CPU. Maybe I should just wait for the version after 3.1 and review my math and test it out on something else for the time being.

Start by reading appendix E :