preferred extension loading library

I was just wondering what everyone’s favorite extension loading library is. I’ve only used glext so far. This would actually make a decent poll topic for the front page…

Whoops. I meant “extgl”, not “glext.”

I found extgl very good, but it is no longer maintained. And with major new functionnality comming (superbuffers & GLSL), there’s no way getting stuck with an outdated extension loader.

I just downloaded GLEW. Will give it a try soon.

btw, have you noticed the GLsdk on the front page?? What a joke… they finally have an official extension loader, but it only supports GL 1.3

Yes, I noticed that today. That’s what reminded me to start this thread.

just tried GLEW. It has one problem imo : it replaces the standard GL/gl.h.
While it’s not really a problem for my own source code (include glew.h instead of gl.h), it is a different story for third party libs that rely on gl.h. I’m not modifying every lib to make them work with glew. Too bad they just didn’t do what was needed ie add missing functionnality, not replace everything with their namespace stuff and all…