Precession of a top

As my current semester in computer graphics nears an end I have to complete a final project. I have decided to make a top with correct precession.

I have never taken a physics class and only have a very basic understanding of calculus. I ask, if anyone could explain to me how to implement the math (or direct me to a link which could) I’d appreciate it.

I shouldn’t have any problem with the coding portion, I just need a nudge in the right direction. All those Greek symbols defeat me.

Thank you.

Google for “top precession”. Check wikipedia. Google for “simulation precession of top”. Wasn’t that hard, no?

I’ve already done all those things, I even put the wiki link in my original post. So, no, it wasn’t that hard.

I am asking for any help regarding how to implement the math because the equations make no sense to me. If anyone has any insight or a link or anything helpful I’d be grateful. Thank you.

Ah, ok. I am afraid this topic does not have much to do with OpenGL. I think you might have better luck on some physics related forum, such as

If it is an option, you could use a physics library like bullet instead of doing physics yourself.

I’ll check out that forum and post there. Thank you for the assistance.

One more thing: Rigid body dynamics simulation of two cones fixed (constrained) to each other might be a good start.