PowerVR SDK Windows OpenGL ES 1.1 Bug

Hi all,

I am using the above mentioned SDK and I recognized a bug when cleaning up EGL. My code crashes when calling eglMakeCurrent(eglDisplay, NULL, NULL, NULL);
eglDisplay is valid and I also tried the EGL_NO_* flags. Same effect.

I noticed, that the problem only occurs, if I am passing “a lot” of triangles to the engine during rendering.

Has anyone encountered a similar problem? Any solutions to solve this problem?

Regards Norbert

By the way: The problem does not occur with the Rasteroid 3.1 SDK.


For problems with the PowerVR SDK or one of its components, it’s best to contact us directly via email: devrel ‘at’ imgtec.com

Do you get any error message or output to the debug console when running your application in a debugger? I suppose you mean triangles per frame, not just in total? If so, how many draw calls are you using per frame, and what is the size of your vertex arrays? Does the running time of your application make a difference?


Hi Georg,

I will contact you by email as well but just this entry for the others.

Yes, to be precise, I mean triangles per frame.

These are around 1000 per frame. As the code is not optimized yet, I am passing each triangle on its own, so the size of the vertex array is 3. It always happens after a specific point of time. If I leave the application right after I started it (some frames are rendered), everything works fine.

The function eglMakeCurrent() just crashes. I will try to gather more information for you.

If I comment out the glDrawArrays(), the crash never happens.

Regards Norbert

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