Powershell Function to generate Texture Coordinates

Hey all,

I was just thinking about Powershell and OpenGL, and decided to make a function to output Texture Coordinates for sprites within pics… not sure if the beginners forum was the place to post this, but I’m not exactly an advanced OpenGL programmer yet, so I figured the beginner’s forum was the place!

Also, I was thinking about putting this in the windows forum, but powershell CAN be run on Linux systems now, so it’s not really platform specific. For those of you, who are maybe not familiar with powershell, perhaps this will give you a nice intro/demo as to what it can do for you as a programmer (it’s also a command line calculator).

Here’s this morning’s video on youtube, please let me know what you think! Also, if it motivates you to create your own functions to make everyone’s programming life easier, by all means, share your creations too!