Power management with GPU not working

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I am working in freescale's imx6x based platform. The target uses wince7 OS.Following issue i am facing:

When i gave suspend, i am getting the following exception:
VMProcessPageFault Error: Page fault occurred while in power handler! Address = 0x00000000
TID:00DB0006 Exception ‘Prefetch Abort’ (0x3): Thread-Id=00db0006(pth=c0808790), Proc-Id=00400002(pprc=83b3f5e0) ‘NK.EXE’, VM-active=045a0052(pprc=c087b75c) ‘servicesd.exe’
TID:00DB0006 PC=00000000(???+0x00000000) RA=eee76874(libgalcore.dll+0x00006874) SP=cca4f7c0, BVA=00000000.

The system is resuming after this exception. But the second time when i give suspend, the system is going to suspend, but not able to resume.

When the GPU is removed, the suspend and resume is happening without any exceptions.

Please help me to solve this issue.

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You should ask this question over on the Freescale i.mx6 forum:


Regards, Clay

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