Postscript poly offset

I use the feedback buffer to output postscript files. In my code I use polygon offset, which doesn’t affect the feedback buffer. How can I at least approximate its effect in a postscript file? I do depth sorting for the postscript file, so I tried just tacking on some arbitrary constant to the depth of the objects that I was using poly offset on, but it didn’t seem to work. Any suggestions?


I do not know if I understand the problem but an alternative to polygon offsets is using the stencil buffer.

My understanding is that the stencil buffer would be much slower… and how would that affect the feedback buffer?

I have an image that displays fine on the screen using the polygon offset, but since offset doesn’t affect the feedback buffer contents it doesn’t help me with Postscript output. Is there another GL solution, or will I have to find some way to force the postscript to work (like adding some arbitrary value to the depth of polygons?)