Posting weirdness

Has anyone else noticed lately that when you post a response to someone and the web page goes back to the thread, your new response doesn’t show up right away? Even hitting refresh isn’t doing it for me. Sometimes it doesn’t even work to shutdown the browser and come back.

It never used to do this, and it doesn’t appear to be a problem with IE caching the pages on me. It’s more like the server isn’t displaying posts until a certain time after they have been made.

It’s not a huge deal, but often times it’s after I see my post as it will appear that I catch typos, etc. Also, in those cases where you try to post some ASCII art to demonstrate something, it’s nice to see the final results after making your post.

Oh well…

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No. I haven’t seen anything like that. As soon as I post it goes to the “Thanks for posting a reply” screen and then shows the post and mine as well. Maybe they’re watching you?!?!?

Weird. Maybe it’s just me then.

Could be that a http cache has been installed on one of the gateways your computer uses. During times of heavy load, they’ll often simply send your computer a cached response, rather than pass your request through the gateway.

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There is a interval between adding two posts. There must be 60 seconds break. I agree about ASCII art. You can’t draw anything. Empty spaces are being cut out. It would be nice if they change it.

ASCII art can be placed inside the code tag.

I think DFrey’s thoughts sound reasonable. This isn’t a problem between two posts that I’ve been having. For instance, as soon as I hit submit reply on this, it will bring me back to this page in 2 seconds, but my post won’t be there to me. Refresh doesn’t help, but if some gateway is doing the caching on me, it wouldn’t be IE caching it locally explaining why the refresh doesn’t work.

Oh well… Maybe it’ll clear up for me soon, if it hasn’t already.