Possible to do an AimBot in openGL mode of Counter-Strike?

  1. I don´t want to write one, cs is great game and an AimBot would kill it.
  2. Please don´t post code examples or so, because nobody should use them to make an Bot.

Is it possible to write one?
An Aimbot is a programm that findes the polys of the enemys head and then set´s the mouse position to that and trigers a shot to get perfect headshots. It is not a change to the main game programm.
Can it be made by editing the opengl.dll of the driver or can you finde polys witch use a specific texture in the rendering pipe?

Philipp Hundemer


I would say it’s quite hard (if not impossible) to do it without changing the gamecode itself. Hacking the opengl.dll won’t do any good, since you:

  1. don’t know what texture to look for
  2. no place to put the code
  3. don’t know how to move the mouse (you probaly don’t know how the game uses the mouse)
    and so on…