Possible to create these things without dependence?

I have some questions regarding libraries and study sources (but always thinking of a multiplatform form, windows, linux, iphone, etc …):

  • What is the moderators’ recommendation here for people who need to learn math for programming / computer science? I can understand math, but I can’t understand how to write it in code and how to use it in OpenGL / ES or use it in OpenGL / ES with code.

  • Is it possible to create a windowed application using OpenGL / ES context only? Can OpenGL / ES do this? No FreeGlut/Glut, SDL2, wxWidget, etc?

  • Is it possible for me to create my own window creator like glfw3 and freeglut / glut but without any dependency? Just with math, code and using OpenGL / ES? Something pure?

@Edit: Not long ago, news came out that some modders were able to decompile Super mario 64 code, they talked about CFLAGS, how can I protect my game / app code with CFLAGS / CPPFLAGS?


To create windows, you have to either use the platform’s native API or a cross-platform toolkit (which uses those functions internally). You also need a context, which can be created either using platform-specific functions (wgl, glX), functionality built into a cross-platform toolkit, or (possibly) with EGL. Window/context management isn’t part of OpenGL itself (either desktop or ES).

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