possible to calculate near clip?

Is it possible to calcualte a good near clip using only field-of-view and far clip?

I have som simple calcuations that increase or decrease my near clip when I change my fov. This I do to prevent z buffer flickering when I look at 3D objects. The function is linear, so it will not work on all combinations of fov and far clip since z-buffer values are exponential, giving more z-buffer precision to objects close to near clip.

Is it possible to make a function that calculate a near clip that does not cause z buffer flicker using far clip and fov as input, or is this something that must be customized for every far clip and fov?

any ideas?

I’d say the FOV has virtually no influence (except for making the artifacts bigger).

The main cause of artifacts is the number of bits in the z-buffer and the nearvalue.

Play around with this for a bit:

Basically you’ll need to determine the precision of far away geometry that you still want to be rendered correctly, and pick a suitable near-value for that.

And I suppose using some kind of LOD algorithm to reduce polygon detail at a distance should also improve the visual quality of far away objects.

Thanks! I have bookmarked the page. I really cleared things up…