Possible OpenGL related crash

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my computer and OpenGL related games. Most of the time when I play an OpenGL based game, I unexpectedly get hunged, or crashed during gameplay. It’s unpredictable. I get crashed at any time. The computer just freezes with no error messages of the sort. I would have to reset my computer just to get out of it.

I’ve explained this problem to several other boards and newgroups. Most of the say that I should upgrade or downgrade my video card drivers. However, none of that has helped me. Can someone out there please help me with this annoying problem of mine? Much appreciation to all who help.

Computer Specs:

  • Pentium III 500 Mhz
  • 128 SDRAM
  • 24 Gig left harddrive
  • Diamond Stealth III S540 32 MB 4x AGP video card (with latest drivers and glsetup drivers)

Guyver Four

I have the same problem. I’m running a K7 700mhz, 256 MB RAM, 18 GIG free with an ATI Rage Fury MAXX card.Q3A crashes just as you described. I disabled GL extensions and it runs perfectly. What am I loosing by disabling this?

same problem and it gets annoying and have been to forums and explained and they just tell me to get drivers and i do… it doesnt help

166 pentium w/mmx
96 ram
SAvage 4 PCI 32 megs

me too. SAME problem…

Asus P3B-f
PII - 450
monster 3D II 12mb
sound blaster live! X- gamer

That happens with all games that uses gl.
half-life , glquake , quake3 , homeworld, etc.

Check your AGP aperture size in your BIOS Setup. Start at half of what your total system memeory is and go down. This solved my problems in OpenGL.

This is not funny at all. I have the same problem with open GL. It freezes up in Half Life and Opposing Force but not when 3dfx is used!. When it works (for a total of 5-10minutes, it’s fantastic and better than the 3dfx. Only way out is to reset the computer using the button on the tower (not a recommended procedure, but have no choice.
System: Asus P3C2000 motherboard
Asus Deluxe 6800 graphics card
256M of ram
Direct X 7a
Viewsonic PF790 monitor.
And couple of bags of Fritos!!!
Called ASUS, and they called back, but wasn’t home. Will try again today July 07 2000. stealth2000@canada.com

Just got through to ASUS at 1-510-739-3777 and spoke with Tony at extension 5003.
Basically he said that its a “strange problem” and should try removing all peripherals, boards, programs. Try the board and video card on its own and see if it works. Introduce each peripheral at a time. If that doesn’t work contact your vendor…do you get the feeling that these guys don’t know what’s going on?
If someone has a solution…please reply to this problem.

Anyone found a solution yet? OpenGL crash with Half Life?

I miss Half life in openGL too. Mine worked fine till the latest patch. Is it too much to ask to be able to enjoy the rich graphics and enhanced gameplayability opengl brings? Talked to Valve, Sierra, Won.net, ATI, updated everything, formatted and reinstalled it all and posted to a gazillion boards and still no openGL. I have to ask, what did I do in my last life!?!

Here is an exerpt from GeForce FAQ. (www.geforcefaq.com) Maybe it will work for other cards. Good luck.

Q. I can’t run any OpenGL programs, but Direct3D programs run fine. How can I fix it?
Try the following instructions:

Click Start / Run.

Type “win.ini” (without quotes) and press OK.

Search for a line that says “DVA=0” (without quotes).

Add a semicolon ( :wink: before the DVA (The line should now look like this: “;DVA=0” (without quotes))

Save and close the file

If you find this causes more problems, just take out the semicolon.

Note that not everyone has this line, and if there is none you’ll have to try another solution.

Try switching to AGP1X using your BIOS setup or AGP Wizard (more information here). This may help, but will reduce performance slightly.

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Thank you for the suggestions, however I could not find a DVA=0 in the list.
Changing the Aperture to half its value did not work at all.

Have an ASUS 2000 with the ASUS GEforce Deluxe Video car,256RAM on the P111550.

Who ever can fiqure this out deserves a reward!!!

Note: cleaned and actually reinstalled Win98, shutdown McCafee and all other peripherals…etc.etc

Half Life works great though in 3dfx…but I preferred the OpenGL.

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i have a 733, with a 64MB GeForce and had the same problem with some games crashing.
i found a solution that hasn’t crashed yet in changing the graphics acceleration setting in windows.

i had to set it to the lowest setting ( just above NONE ), it says in the dialog box not to change this unless you are experiencing problems.

i read about this solution on nvidia’s web site i think. i don’t remember.
but like i said, its fixed my problems
— so far =)


Thanx 4 the suggestions but changing the Aperture settings to half, adding a semicolon to DVA=0 could not be done because it doesn’t exist and changing the Windows graphic accelleration to Basic did work either.
To reiterate this interesting puzzle…
I have an ASUS 2000 mother board with an ASUS GeForce 256 Deluxe, 256MB of RAM processed by the PIII 550.
Defragmented my hard drive…
Re-installed windows…
No IRQ conflicts…
Called Asus…useless!!!
Upgraded all that can be upgraded…
2 bottles on Aspirin…
Half Life works great in 3dfx but crashes in OpenGL
Checked out the Half Life discussion groups…

Anyway thanks again for the suggestions and would be more then happy to by the person who solves this a case on beer.


Problem solved. The Intel 820i chip set on the Asus 2000 motherboard was defective. A recall notice has been issued to all distributers.
Check out Asus site as well as the Intel site on the chip set.
Replaced motherboard with Asus CUV4X and it works fine.

has anyone else have the same problem with the 820 chip sets?

Any luck?

old NEWS people!!!

p3c2000 is JUNK! Pitch them…I can’t believe some people are still using that crap m/b…the intel 820 chipset is the worst…check their (intel) website Users!!!

RECALL…RECALL RECALL…it’s been 3-4 months already. Get with the program and get out of the room playing quake 3.

Switch to the p3v4x and be gaming away at your hearts content…

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