Possible opengl problem fix

After looking at some of the possible fixes on the forums I decided to move my nvopengl.dll or something to my half life directory to see if that worked.

while looking for it i discovered that there was another file called nvopengl 1

each file was identical apart from the difference versions of it.

i deleted the nvopengl 1 file and i think my problems have been solved

i think what has happened is that the graphics card was getting confused about which file to use or was using the wrong one therefore the crash but i dunno

i might be right, i don’t care, but hopefully its fixed my problem

This can also be a problem if you had a 3D-card installed that also supported OpenGL,
and then you installed a other 3D-card,
and didn’t format your hard-drive…

Then you have to look for older OpenGL drivers in your windows\system directory
and get the driver (*gl.dll) out of this directory…