possible ATI driver bug?

I installed the latest catalyst drivers ( )recently, and have been having some weird problems with opengl. I tried the previous drivers, but the problem is the same. I’m not sure what the last working version was, as I deleted it…

heres the problem:

opengl hardware acceleration only seems to be enabled in fullscreen mode. A lot of apps that init gl in windowed mode throw errors:

Call of Duty single player exe (quake3 engine) complains about a lack of suitable pixel formats and stops dead on startup (while in the windowed console mode). Multiplayer works fine though, I think because it goes to fullscreen mode straight away.

nehe’s gl vendor / extension string checker ( http://nehe.gamedev.net/data/lessons/vc/lesson24.zip ) reports properly (ATI, win2000) in fullscreen mode, but in windowed reports using the microsoft gdi generic gl driver

Strangely a few (but not many) windowed mode apps do work; a VBO demo from delphi3d works fine (which must be hardware excellerated to get VBO). So I’m left quite confused by this bug.

I’ve reported this bug on ATI’s site, but thought I’d put it up here too, in case anyone else has had anything similar.

Our app is windowed, and works with CATALYSTS up to 4.4, so something else needs to also be going on.

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