possibility to switch between fullscreen/windowed without loosing resources

It would be VERY nice if it was possible to switch between fullscreen/windowed display without having to reload all resources. Same goes if context is lost in any other manner.

Having to write resources so they reload themselves, buffering them seems wasteful when the driver probably buffers them too.

This would seriously help beginners who want stable gl-programs that just works! Also it would probably help lower memory requirements. Perfect for alt+tab for switching between fullscreen/windowed quickly etc.

How to make for dynamic resources I don’t know, maybe only certain resources are buffered.

Something to consider if the object models is under discussion.

Resources are only lost when the rendering context is destroyed. So if you don’t want to lose the resources, then just don’t destroy the rendering context. The rendering context is already required to survive a resolution change.

But if your code, or the windowing library you use, decides to destroy and recreate the rendering context on a resolution change, that that’s your/the library’s fault and have nothing to do with OpenGL.

One way to do this is to create the resources in the window context, and then share the fullscreen context with the window context.

There is a still a hard case to deal with here when you have multiple displays driven by multiple GPUs, and you want to go fullscreen on a single display when the window was on an arbitrary display.