Positioning with high accuracy

I have difficulties with the positioning of
an object. The positioning vector has a high
value(50000.00f) and high accuracy but changes very little in time (0.001f/200 milliseconds).
The vector is nicely updated but on the screen repositioning only occurs after every
5 tenths(every 0.5)in the positioning value.
Can you help me out, I don’t have a clue how to solve this problem?

Are you forcing a flush of the GL pipeline ala glFlush(); every time the value is incremented 0.001f, or relying on a buffer swap?


What projection matrix you using? What is the call? 50k is a big #, so do you have something like:
gluPerspective(45.0f, (GLfloat)width/(GLfloat)height, 0.1f, 500000.0f);


You might want to check those values if you are.

Do you mean that such a big matrix is causing the problems? And if I scale everything a thousand times this will be solved?


Why, is flushing with GLFlush the problem?

glFlush() might have been a solution, had you not been calling that every time the value was increment 0.001f. The value may have been incrementing without forcing the redisplay.

Sorry GOOFY, I’m out of suggestions. If you want to send me a snippet of what you are doing, with your assumptions on what should be happening, I’ll take a look.