Position Invariance Issues

I have now successfully converted my per pixel lighting shader from cg to glsl. Only 1 problem remains: A Z Fighting between the Ambient Pass and the Lighting Pass exists since ive switched to GLSL. Ive read ths GLSL specs and it says that I should use the ftransform function in my vertexshader instead of vertex*modelview. I did that but the problem still exists without any visual change.
Are there any other changes that need to be done? Is there anything but the vertexshader that can cause this behaviour?

What card/implementation are you using?

Iam using a Radeon 9600 XT with 256 MB Ram. Catalyst 3.10

ftransform is not invariant with fixed pipeline in Catalyst 3.10. ATI says that has solved this issue and it will work in a future version of the drivers.

Hope this helps.

Ok thanks… Ill probably have to stick to ARB_vertex_program in my ambient pass until theyve released the new driver

My issues appear to be fixed with the release of the Catalyst 4.1 drivers

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