Poser and the Firepro V3900 graphics card

I hope this is the right place to ask. These issues are way outside my knowledge base.

I recently purchased a FirePro V3900 card specifically to use with Poser. My previous card worked fine but got fried.

I am finding that with this card the Preview window frequently hangs when in OpenGL mode. Sometimes when I try to move the camera nothing happens, but sometimes part of the window responds to the camera movement and part doesn’t. After much experimentation I have figured out how to replicate the problem:

  1. Place a second window (e.g Library window) over the Preview window.
  2. Move the second window just a bit.
  3. Rotate the camera. Once you move the second window out of the way you can see that the part of the Preview window behind the second window had moved as it should, but the visible part had not.

I have updated the drivers several times and have cleaned out the registry of any orphaned driver settings.

I have posted this issue to the technical support staffs at both AMD and Smith Micro (Poser), but they seemed to be stumped. I am hoping you folks might have some ideas.

My OS is Windows Vista Business 32-bit Service Pack 2. The device driver for the card is version 8.982.8.3000 released on 9/30/2012. I’ve also tried this with version released 2/6/2013 with the same results.

This isn’t exactly the right spot to ask, User Hardware/Software & Gaming help would be a bit more appropriate.

Have you tried disabling Window’s Aero?

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