Poser 2011 and 3dsMax 2011

Collada seems exactly what I am looking for. I was able to open a cat from Poser all the textures worked, the bones worked. Only issue I found is that there skin envelopes are very small and not oriented correctly is this the best to expect or should the envelopes be correct? how to fix if so.

Thanks R.

Report a bug to Smith Micro and/or Autodesk, depending on which app is causing the problem.

Poser Pro 2012 has improved COLLADA export, as well as the Simple Bones Single Skin skinning mode, which allows you to preview and touch up the bending before export. You might want to give that version a try.

I am working with the PBRT renderer, rather than OpenGL. But the same thing worked for me (with TransformBegin/End in place of Push/PopMatrix).