porting unix opengl codes to window

as the title suggests, how do i go about doing it?

any website to recommend before i commence? thanks in advance …

Hi !

OpenGL does not need any porting…

But I guess you mean the other stuff, if you have existing code and want to port it do Windows…well it depends on what the code you have, if it is glut/SDL or something like that, then your are almost already done, if not, well then it depends on what your code is in the first place, are you using X/GLX, Qt, FOX, Fltk, GTK or something else ?


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system based on unix,
most of the codes using X-lib, glx.h.

e.g, XtSetArg, XtPopup … etc etc


anyone can help… thanks

Cygnus and others has X servers that runs under Windows. I dont know how good the OpenGL support is.

thanks pal, i would prefer if cygwin is not used… anyone any experience? thanks


I should advice the use of cygwin or Mingw32 too. Why don’t you want mind using it?

Either you should begin porting low-system functions (ie redirect the Gfx outputs with the Gfx lib functions of the Win32 environment - or straight in OpenGL - ) but that’s way longer and harder, from my experience…

Good work

Try google. Type in “porting unix windows”. Search some of the sites. There are some articles that could be helpful along with links to information you seek…