porting to a computer without open gl

I recently wrote a demo that I think is pretty cool and want to be able to show it on computers that do not have a version of open gl on them. I used GLUT to write it and I thought if I included a copy of the glut32.dll in the folder with the demo it would be able to run, but it doesn’t. It gives and error that reads:
The procedure entry point __glutCreateWindowWithExit couldnot be found in the dynamic link library glut32.dll

Any ideas on how to correct this problem would be greatly appreciated.

I’m not sure, but I think I must copy glut32.lib too. Try this. Hope helps.

No you don’t need to copy the import library when you distribute the app. It’s probably the wrong version of the glut dll, try using a copy of the dll you use on the computer that can run the app.

There were two versions of dlln on my computer, a small one and a big one. The big one was in the system folder. I tried it with this one and it worked like a charm.

thanks to those who replied.

dont use glut, try to write the code without any glut stuff, because some people like me have installed glut and the apps only work if i recompile them on my computer…


The fact that GLUT is installed or not on your computer is not a problem.

If someone uses GLUT and wants you to be able to use his program, he just has to distribute GLUT32.dll with it. The thing is, he shouldn’t put it in your system folder but keep it in the program folder.

When Windows locates the DLLs needed for an EXE, it starts by looking in the EXE directory.

So, if you distribute GLUT32.dll with your app, just put it in the same folder than the EXE and everyone will be happy (granted, it defeats the point of having DLLs but GLUT is somehow an exception to the rule…).