Porting from MilkShape into OpenGL code

OK, I just want to export a MilkShape model into a program I’m running…nothing fancy, just a simple model with no animation. So I just want the verticies/triangles so I can render it inside the program…what’s the best way to go about doing this? I noticed you can export to ASCII, but I don’t know what those numbers mean. Or, if there is a program already that can do this, that would be even better .

I’m using the newest version of MilkShape.

well, nevermind about just exporting from ms3d. I guess I can change it to whatever format I need with Milkshape. I did do a search for this topic and found several threads, but they were all a couple years old…so what’s the most reliable, newbish way to export a model into a program? Or, what’s the format that is easiest to read so I can just write an exporter myself?

Quite sure there are TONS of free source code on the net about importing from milkShape.

NeHe (nehe.gamedev.net) has a MS3D loader for you but it doesn’t support the animation.

OK, I decided to write my own simple exporter. Is it best to just export the data in the ms3d file into a DisplayList? Or is there a more efficient way of doing it?