Porting from Irix to Linux

I am porting a 3d visualization application from Irix to Linux. I am not particularly experieced with OpenGL. I have downloaded and installed the Mesa OpenGL lib’s and SGI Glut libs, but I am still getting errors at link time.

The application is asking for the following subroutines which are specified in the Irix gl.h but not in mesa’s:

charstr, blendfunction, v3f, bgnpolygon, endpolygon and a couple others.

The irix header files define them as extern, but I cannot find them at all on Linux. Any suggestions for places to look?


SGI has porting guides on their techpub page.
Do a search for porting if the following link does not work: http://techpubs.sgi.com/library/tpl/cgi-bin/search.cgi

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