portege 3440ct and opengl

I have a portege 3440ct laptop that i want to use with opengl.
Atm it seems there opengl is not supported.
What do i do?

This laptop seem very very old.

What do you want to do with it ? Old games ? Old 3D application ? Programmation using old and slow features ?

What is your operating system ? It looks like you graphic chips is better supported under linux, but you will need more than 64Mb of RAM.
The graphic chip seem to be a Savage IX, but please run WinS3ID.EXE found here to have the exact version :

This looks like the latests windows driver for your chip, but double check the chip version : http://www.s3graphics.com/en/resources/drivers/legacy/software_archive.jsp#id_290298drv

A possibility is to use the Mesa3D implementation of OpenGL : this will be slow as the graphic chip is not used, but it will work 100% even with new features. Just put the Mesa opengl32.dll in the .exe directory (not in /system/ or /system32/ directories!) :

solved the problem, thankyou wery mutch.
but i think this 8mb graphics card is not good enough to run applets