Portable Programming with OpenGL

I’m new to this stuff. I have got a copy of Red Book and have run some sample codes from tutorials which used GLUT.
My ultimate goal is to run my OpenGL program on workstations but now I only have access to a PC and use MS VC++ 6.
The question is:
What should I have in mind before beginning learning OpenGL to be able to write portable programs in the future?

Use GLUT. Under Windows, you have to #include <windows.h> with GLUT programs, but just surround it with #ifdef _WIN32/#endif. Then, be careful not to use any Windows specific calls in your code. That’s it. You could also look at using other platform-independent windowing libraries, like wxWindows, Qt, etc

Hope that helps.

I have been more satisfied with using SDL instead of GLUT, because it is much more flexible. Get it here…


Thank you for your reply.

>>Then, be careful not to use any Windows >>specific calls in your code.
I think it is not practical not to use any Windows specific calls in a serious project. Also there are people who advise not to use GLUT for a serious project. I want to write a missile simulation program -not a game, a scientific one- with the capability of porting it to none PC computers. This is solely because I think all computers which use CPUs better than PCs use none Windows operating system.
>>You could also look at using other >>platform-independent windowing libraries, >>like wxWindows, Qt, etc
And the platform independent windowing libraries, I do not know kow they are compared to GLUT and wath is the major difference between GLUT and them.

Thank you again for your help,