Portability issues in Windows XP SP 3

I’ve found that certain programs are not that portable while using opengl.
The SAME code, ported from a toshiba satellite M series to a lenovo 3000 J and vice-versa, fails to load colors the same way (i am talking about a difference like between brown and gold yellow) in the firs case, in the second case, textures fail to load (using glaux) is this normal? Is there a well defined HCL to look for information?
Thank you very much.

glaux is so outdated, I would not rely on it.

If “textures fail to load”, then it can really change the colors, especially if you forgot to disable textures for untextured objects …

There can be small visual diffences between opengl implementation, but in this case it really looks your code has problems : try to fix them. Be sure not to load too large textures (check max allowed size at runtime), if your texture are not power-of-two, check if the hardware supports it, etc.

Post code if you feel you need help.

What are the video chips and driver versions, by the way ?

thank you very much for your answer!I think if found the problem.
In my particular case, if someone is interested:
Glaux+Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition work just fine, however
Glaux+Visual Studio 2005 Express Edition does not. The way i tested this:
-> copying the source code from one machine to the other, creating a new project and compiling it does not work (2005<->2008)
-> building a release version of the project does run on any machine, so hardware and dll versions problems can be descarded.
So i am starting to look for info about the compiler itself, if they are different then it must be it.
There are also other compatibility issues, but since we are using borrowed code to load models in our aplication i cannot pinpoint the error.
I’ll be droping Glaux and writing my own code to load the textures, i’ve read enough about how glaux is outdated in has o many bugs in it.
I’ll post the experience after looking for more info and downgrading to Visual Studio 2005 back, or at least using the 2005 compiler in the 2008 IDE (if possible)

Just wondering… The problem persists, now it has extended to one more machine, even though i removed glaux. Is there any updated HCL regarding opengl? The PC’s aren’t new, but they aren’t old either… the only thing i could think of is the versions of the video drivers.
I am even afraid to ask, is it possible for old drivers to have problems? say… 2005 for instance?

Again, what are the video chips and driver versions of working and not working PC’s ?

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