Port a ShaderToy Glow Shader?

Hi everyone, how are you?
I am very new to OpenGL and programming in general, so I joined this forum to learn more. :slight_smile:

I found this very interesting Shader on ShaderToy, - http://shadertoy/view/ldKyW1
and I’m trying to get it to work on an input texture.

The original shader adds a glow effect to a procedural shape, and the reason I want to use specifically this shader is because the glow falloff is very photo-realistic.

I asked in the comments and I got some very nice and informative replies,
but since I’m new to OpenGL, I don’t really what any of the terms used in the comments mean.
like convolution and kernel.

I was hoping that maybe someone on this forum could help me out.
Maybe there are some good articles that can help me understand?

I should probably mention that most of what I know about OpenGL, I learned from
The Book of Shaders, I really like how it lets you learn interactively.
And if there is anything out there that teaches in a similar way, I would really appreciate if someone
could point me in it’s direction. :slight_smile:

I should also probably mention that I’m working in and environment that is very similar to GLSL,
but limited in terms of built in functions(all of the function like length() and dot() work, but functions like GL_LINES for example don’t).

I really hope to learn a lot from this forum, and to make new friends along the way :slight_smile:

Thank you,
I really appreciate it!!
Shem Namo

Sorry, the first link doesn’t work and I don’t know why I’m not allowed to add a link to my
original post.
Here is the link: http://shadertoy/view/ldKyW1

Thanks again,
Shem Namo

New users can’t post links (spam avoidance). After you get a few more posts under-your-belt, the forums will let you post links.

So for now, I tweaked your posts to make your partial URLs web links. FWIW, they’re the same link, and they both work for me here.

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