polygonal meshes

i’m doing my final project on modelling a character.the character just a simple one. not really complex.i intend to model my character starting with a simple polygonal mesh(triangle mesh).and then i will apply subdivision techniques to the mesh to refine and smooth the surface.
my problem now is,i don’t know how to make the polygonal mesh.i’m already have the formula on subdivision.i’m using visual c++ with opengl.
do anyone have the code on how to plot the vertex to make the polygonal mesh of simple character :-example(an apple with a pair of hand and leg.)


Using code to directly model a character, even a simple one, is very difficult. Try to use a modeler such as MilkShape, Poser, 3dsmax, or whatever, and export to a simple format such as ascii. Or you can try to find a quake2/quake3 model (.md2 or .md3) that suits your needs and import it.

md2 / md3 loaders are easy to find : http://www.gametutorials.com/Tutorials/opengl/OpenGL_Pg4.htm
(end of page)
(sample md2 viewer in the examples)
(#45 & #46 )

so what you meant is i build my model in such modeller then save as ascii data type. then i should use such function in my program that can read the data and display it in polygonal mesh then i should modify the character meshes using subdivision to each of the triangle faces of the polygonal meshes? what do u think?

That’s it.

Or find an existing md2/md3. I have just seen that you can easily convert md3 to C,C++,Delphi opengl code with Carad : http://www.basegraph.com/

thank u very much for your help.