Polygon tesselation and openGL 3.2 deprecation.

Hello, just a quick question,

I am reading the latest version of the red book and I was a little confused to read on the chapter about tesselators and quadrics that in openGL 3.1 many of the functions in there were likely deprecated.
Same applies on the chapter for evaluators and NURBS.

I am planning to follow the openGL 3.2 standard and not use any of the deprecated features in my app but what would be the equivalent of polygon triangulation? I mean finding a good polygon triangulation algorithm and implementing it, or even thinking one yourself and writing it is by no means an easy task. Are these functions really deprecated? Would the alternative be to implement your own functions/algorithms?

I’m afraid that they are deprecated. If you can’t find a suitable 3rd party library, you may be interested in David Eberly’s Triangulation by Ear Clipping.