Polygon size & world scale

Does the size of polygons effect performance when rendering textured polygons?

Also, what would you people recommend as an appropriate scale for a world drawn in opengl?
ie. How many units per 1 metre, or how many units per 1 foot?


The side of the polygon doesn’t really matters since you always put colors on all the screen anyway!

What changes the performance is the quality of the textures and its size. The number of polys also matter if there is a lot of overdraw(a lot of filling will be done for nothing in that case).

As for the scale, it depends a lot on the situation. Is the scene show from the view of a human or the view of an ants? You have to think of how “large” is the view going to be.

The world is for a car game with the view from the person inside the car

I agree with Gorg. It really doesn’t matter what size you use, as Albert E. said, it’s all relative. A 1 unit in length car will look HUGE in comparison to a 0.001 unit sized car. It depends where you position the viewpoint in the scene.
Hope this helps.