Polygon not getting fully drawn

Ok so I have this simple graphics assignment, I have a red ball moving around a house made of individual polygon. I can switch to red ball eyepoint from a global viewpoint. (using gluLookAt() ) However when I switch to this viewpoint and I get close to the actual house, the polygons don’t get fully drawn. I still part of them but not the whole polygon. Does this have anything to do with the distance of eyePt and atPt.
I’m confused on how to fix this?

your near clip plane is probably cutting off the polygons. You can try moving it in, but be careful as you may screw up your depth buffer this way

So I’d have to change something regarding
glFrustum in my init function?

Whenever I change my viewpoint would it work to reset glFrustum according to the local viewpoint, the near plane is set to 2.0 now, push it out to 12? I’m sure i’d have to change something the left, right, bottom, top parameters, but would that effectively clip everything out 12 units from my eyepoint? Then when I go back to global viewpoint I’d would change the glFrustum back to the other settings.