Polygon Anti-aliasing

Oh here’s another thing that came up, when I switch on polygon antialiasing with the GL_FASTEST hint, I see no noticable change to my program. When I switch the hint to GL_NICEST, the program hangs for approximately 2 minutes, then when it finally displays, there are lines shooting all over the place that came out of nowhere.

Using GL Hints it’s not recommended. Performance of Your program will get much lower. If You want to make antialiasing of polygons try enabling GL_POLYGON_SMOOTH, but remember that You also have to enable GL_BLEND with glBlendFunc (GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA).
Else method of antialiasing is multisample, but You can be sure that it will eat many of FPS


The result of the primitive antialiasing depends on the type of graphic card installed, driver (if it has hardware antialiasing enabled) and the pixel format (you want a fully accelerated one). Adding full scene antialising helps, but not very much (and on my card 4x FSAA drops speed by about a third). A card with high subpixel precision should antialias primitives quite nicely.