pointer type conversion

I have some functions working with float8. During optimization it turns out that math with native lenght, like float4, vectors works faster. I don’t want to re-write all code I have, but just split my float8 functions to two float4 functions calls.

void f_native(float4 a)
//do something in vector4 math

void f(float8 a)
float4* ta = &a;

Nvidea SDK issues warnings about this code. Is it any proper way to do such conversion without expencive performance overhead?

It is my understanding that OpenCL does not allow indexing into built-in vector types using pointers. If you wish to accomplish this you should use *.hi, *.lo, etc. I believe the reason for this is that different vendors may store these types in different manners, such as big endian vs. little endian devices.