Point Mesh visualisation


I want to visualize a point mesh with about 30Mio Points.
Where do i have to start?

you must be having a file to read data containing coordinates per point.
Draw each point.Doing so will give you rough estimate of object.

Better visualization is achieved, if your data file has the information of what combination of points constitute a triangle.
Drawing points and triangle will give you the idea of surface of the object.

If further your file has information of normals, then you get the best visualization.then you can use lighting and have smooth shades of color.

Thanks for the answer.

I already have a file. this file contains xyz points. it is not an object like a triangle or something. i want to visualize the points.

I use Eclipse CDT and GCC or intel compiler.

I have big trouble to find a start with opengl.
I dont know what and where i have to download files for opengl.
where can i find the most recent opengl sdk or something?

OpenGL is an API, meaning OpenGL specifies a set of functions and leaves the implementation to someone else. The graphics card creator generally writes the implementation, so downloading the lastest drivers for your graphics card gives you the libraries. Mesa provides a software implementation of OpenGL, while drivers are hardware-accelerated. Check out this page with help for getting started.

I have the newest AMD/ATI catalyst and also a FireGL 7700 with latest drivers.

if i will write a window application which libraries/implementation i should use?

my requierements are a possibility to display 20-30 Million points (x,y,z) coordinates with different colours.

is there an library wich has a constant release cycle and can grant the latest OpenGL API support?

Sorry for this questions but i tried to find something by myself and was unsuccesfull.

The latest drivers give you the latest OpenGL support that is available, so you’re all set there.

To create a window and get events and such, you’ll need a library, like the Win32 API. The choice here really depends on what portability and features you need. Check out these