Point me in the right direction.

I have recently applied for a game development course at my college, they teach in open GL but we are only required to make a 2D game. However, I love challenges and where I may be making a simple tower defense game on my end I also would like to make a short 3D dungeon. I want to heavily base it around Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and if at all possible incorporate things such as customizable primary weapons and button action scenes (Like in Resident Evil,) and of course an epic boss battle. I realize I am taking on a heavy workload, I just planned on doing this as a side project and adding more to it as I learn more in the course. I want to get a step ahead in the right direction with tutorials, preferably something game-type specific that drives towards a Zelda type game or something similar that way I have a better idea of what I am doing while I’m doing it.

I have an ample amount of experience in 3DS max, there will be no issue with the modeling aspect of this project, as well as lighting and particle effects. I am completely new to open GL, I have some basics under my belt, I hope that somebody in this forum can show me some ‘must know/see’ tutorial or article that Google is overlooking.

Thank you in advanced.

(I am using 3DS Max as my modeling program as well as for lighting and particle effects.)

All this have not much to do with OpenGL, which only draws what you order to draw.
Load models, animate, draw, move the camera.
Learn about matrix transformations.

The game logic and collision detection for a tower defense game is quite simple, pure 2D. Just draw 3D models for graphics.
“Zelda meets RE” sound way more involved in terms of game logic, but not much in terms of graphics.

type opengl + tutorial in your favorite search engine and you’ll find plenty of pages. Learning how to put a triangle on screen is the first step.


and also, the Red Book is a must read.