PNY Geforce2 MX200/OpenGL Problems

Please bare with my ignorance as I am new to the concept of OpenGL.

I have a 1.3 Gig Athalon processor with 524 Megs running on Win 98SE.

I have a PNY Geforce2 MX200 32 Meg video card. I am trying to run Quake III and I repeatedly get “Unable to start OpenGl Subsystem” message. I have searched everywhere for the correct version of Open GL. I have downloaded the large (88 Megs) OpenGL.121 file that is suppose to install the correct drivers for my card but much to my dismay after waiting 8 hours on a 56K modem to get the file all it did was tell me it could not find the drivers for my card.

If someone has this card and can play Quake III please help!! I’m lost.

Thanks in Advance,