Plz somone help me out here

Somone Plz gimmi a clue to what the heck is up with my comp… I used to have a run of the mill 20$ vid card that wasnt worth the air it took up… i recently baught a new GForce 2 mx… i installed it and everything worked great… even better than great… BUT… i just reformated my comp cause it was time… long over due. AND now nothing runs in OPENGL. i checked all the .dll’s are in the right places and installed latest driver from nvidia… Im downloading detonater as i write this but as everything goes im sure it wont work. Plz iv read over the post’s and found other ppl have the same prob but iv yet to c somone post a good answer to all this… Thx for the help

i had the same problem, it turned out that my AGP drivers were set to turbo mode. when i uninstalled them and reinstalled the drivers in normal mode they worked fine.

Do your games all run dark in openGL? How do I fix that? D3D runs fine.