plz help me!!!!!!!!!!

hi i m 17 y o i m trying to learn opengl i worked on some engine like glscene and glu and made a game on glu and get the third place on syrian young programer last year its toke less than two day(but so silly) but i want be pro and made my own engine so how u thing u can help me

HiHo, I’m 17 too :slight_smile:
you have worked on an engine like glScene ?
If you want to be pro you may integrate a high school in computer graphics and mathematics cursus, I don’t know if this sort of school exist where you live. Anyway scientific education is the best way IMHO.

There is any institute to inform students about possibilites of education and what sort of work you can access with it ? In France we have the ‘CIO’ in public school: Center for Information and Orientation

You should learn to work with different API, like Win32 (for the gamedev industry), you can follow any tutorials from internet like or , OpenGL RedBook GLUT examples, and other informations about GL extensions…

I think there is different way to make your own engine, try to find tuts and lessons through google or something like that :slight_smile:

You can also continue to participate at parties, contests etc… It’s better to be skilled in contest than work very hard but never try this sort of competition.

You can also integrate the Demoscene, it’s an e-movment into digital art: creating demos inside a group, to win parties or participate at the building of these activities

I don’t know if my answer help you but anyway I’m happy to share my advice with people who they have same ‘deviance’ (oldies are cool, but too mature for me :eek: ) :smiley: