Plz. help me with opengl

Hey Frankie and all!!! I’m tryin ur method right now. However this is what happened to my comp.

  1. i have starwars the jedi knigh 2
  2. i downloaded it
  3. i opened it and it worked
  4. when i’m finished it says the samething about the GLW_OPENGL thing that opened on the other guy. However, i tried usin ur method and basically i’m having a hard time about the downloadin. This is because I couldn’t find the version 2. something i only got the version 4(something) and i’m download it. Can u plz. help me to find the problem. thank-you. Also. I’ve realized that there has been a hacker in my comp. On the bottom there is always a hidden button @ the time bar. Can u tell me what i should do. Not only that but it seems as though every single day i go on. There has been a notepad thing that says. Ayhers. and when i open it. IT says i’m a geek and hacked ur comp… so everytime i deleted the next day. it appears again. Is there a way to get rid of that. If there is plz. help me. I tried usin the firewall but it won’t work. thx.