Plugin of Webgl for FF ?

Hello at all.

I program, before i come to webgl, with o3d, the 3d support of google for browsers like firefox oder internet explorer.
Now i want to learn webgl, because i saw on the o3d webpage that o3d is now depracted.

So i tried to install a webgl plugin to support webgl code in firefox, but i don’t find a plugin in web.
I searched at google and the only thing i could find is that webgl is supported in Minefield (Firefox prerelease).

Can someone tell me, how i can use and activate webgl in my official Mozilla Firefox browser ?

Thank you very much!

Best regards,

Hi SkiD,

The bad news is, you can’t… WebGL is only available in pre-release versions of browsers. *

But the good news is, that shouldn’t matter. You can download and install Minefield or Chromium, and your existing Firefox browser will not be affected.

(One warning: you can normally only run Firefox or Minefield at any one time, so if you want to try WebGL and keep your Firefox browser running for normal surfing, you should probably use Chromium.)



  • Strictly speaking, you can run WebGL in the released version of Chrome. But it’s an old version, and isn’t recommended.