Plot a mathematical wave function in 3d

Hi everyone, I’m a beginner and i would like to learn how to plot a 3d wave model of an electromagnetic wave using the function on android studio using OpenGL

Then you have to search for tutorials that suit your needs. If you want to learn OpenGL, try

Which tutorial should i start with if i wanna plot something like this, and is it possible to use OpenGL to plot smth like that base on a mathematical equation?

is it possible to use OpenGL to plot smth like that base on a mathematical equation?

First of all I am not sure if OpenGL is really what you are looking for. OpenGL is a low level Graphics API. You can render/plot basically everything, at the cost of doing a lot of programming yourself. You have to set up everything yourself and is nothing that will be done in 2 month. For example: For plotting you will probably need text and numbers and this kind of stuff is not included in the current core OpenGL API. You have to code it yourself or use additional libraries for that.

So the question is why do you want to use OpenGL in particular? Do you want to write your own graphics/plotting application or do you just want to plot some arbitrary mathematical function for work/homework/fun? In the latter case you should use Python (with additional imported modules), Scilab, Octave or Matlab (commercial). All those languages/tools have a plotting lib included. So you can write some code to describe your mathematical function, generate some sample data and plot it with a single command.

If you really want to learn graphics programming with OpenGL than go to and work through the whole first chapter. I think for simple math plotting you will not need much more. Maybe the section about text rendering might be of additional interest.

Because i need to develop an android app for this

Then you have to start working on some tutorials to do the rendering yourself or try to use an existing library that already supports plotting.

Android has many APIs for doing basic drawing tasks that don’t require OpenGL or any other low-level tools. If you don’t want to get down into the details of low-level technologies, you should investigate them.

I once attempted to explain to my teacher what I was doing and he exclaimed “Oh, you want to make an Opengl GPU driver!”
I thought at the time that it was a bit over the top … but, really, it’s not.