Pleeeeeease help - Texture thing

Hi I am using windows and VC++, and the book says
glTexImage2D(GL_TEXURE_2D,something, something, … , image);
However How can I get an image named ‘clock.jpg’ and is stored in ‘C:\images’
do I type the following instead

glTexImage2D(GL_TEXURE_2D,something, something, … , ‘C:\images\clock.jpg’);
but the book also says that OpenGL doesn’t regular image formatts

Thanking your attention to my matter

Please don’t post the same question in both forums. . . It tends to annoy some people here.

Anyways, you have to extract the raw data from the file. By itself, OpenGL doesn’t recognize any image format in particular. Here’s a tutorial that uses VC++ .NET: