Please test my game!

Hello there, I have developed a small game in opengl and could you please test it! I will appreciate your mentioning the configuration of your computer, thanks in advance!

Good work, very cool !!
It work fine on my P4 + 1 GB Ram + 5900 XT, also with old (very old !!) Athlon 1000 + 5900 XT + 512 Ram


Very nice and fun to play !

Athlon64 3200+, gf6800le, 1024ram

Only a very small tiny little glitch : when balls are pointed, the texture zooms, and the left side appears truncated a bit too early. Maybe it is a texture coordinates problem, but it looks like the ball sprite is not totally enclosed by transparent texels.
To fix this, either redesign your textures in this way (it may be a lot of work for something that is almost unnoticable), or use texture borders if you can (glTexImage2D with borderwidth = 1 and glTexParameter with GL_TEXTURE_BORDER_COLOR or something like that, I did not try).

Sorry, that was all I could find :slight_smile: !

Thanks a lot, guys! I will definitely look into the issue with the textures, thank you.

Hi, nice game, very pleasant (my score is 2629 :wink: )
it works fine on AthlonXP 2700+ Gf5900XT and 512DDR

yes, very nice. although- maybe i’m just a bad loser, but what about just losing a life (maybe out of three) instead of losing the game when there are no more moves left? and if you do so- bonus-lifes, of course.

anyway, running well on a duron 800, geforce4 mx440, 768 mb, windows xp, latest nvidia driver. (not very powerful, but not consuming too much electrical power at least…)

I know some stuff needs to be fixed (gameplay issues) but thank you for such a positive feedback!

Love it, very cool. You need to teach me some. :wink:

950 Duron / GeForce FX 5200
works fine, not bad, but too much movement on the screen … eyes are getting crossed over :wink:

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