Please support missing technologies in OpenMAX....

I just recently sent you and email stating the folling…

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Hello. I have been following the OpenGL ES, OpenML and OpenMAX for
some time now. I am currently working on a software implementation of
OpenGL ES which I plan to distribute freely. Next I plan to implement
OpenML. Currently, I’m targeting Windows CE / Pocket PC, Palm, and
Symbian. My future plans are to create a version for the new Nintendo
DS platform.

I have a couple of strong suggestions to make.

  1. The OpenMAX model seems to completely ignore networking,
    specifically wireless networking API’s. The next generation mobile
    devices, (phones, pda’s, media stations and gaming platforms are all
    incorporating wireless technologies like Bluetooth and 802.11 b/g. I
    strongly urge the Khronos group to include support for wireless
    technologies into the OpenMAX. I also intend to be one of it’s first

  2. Also ignored is cross platform support for Input devices (stylus,
    keypads, directional pads, and buttons). Please include this in your
    Open MAX, or even a seperate OpenIL library.

Best Reguards.

Eugene Adams
Software Developer
Invisible Labs

I cannot stress the importance of cross platform networking. Imagine, someone using a symbain phone be able to play against another user on a windows mobile device over bluetooth. Not to mention that the 3 biggest portable gaming competitors N-GAGE, Nintendo DS and Sony PSP will all be incorporating wireless technologies in one form or another.

Oh yeah… another suggestion I forgot to mention was a OpenUI which should also be included in the OpenMAX specs. OpenUI would be a simple game menu API which could easily be extended.