Please Recommend a Graphics Card for an OpenGL developer (high end but not WHOA)

Nvidia cards are a little faster with openGL then ATi, but its a very little difference.

ATi cards are faster than Nvidia cards with DirectX, with noticeable difference.

do not get any Radeon with 256MB ram, get he 128MB. When buying the 256MB, its all marketing, there is no performance gain, unless you are doing CAD.

I would recommend getting the 9600 Pro, or if you can spend a little more money, 9500 Pro, or go all our and get hee 9800 Pro. But you should know that ATi disconnected the 9500 series (and 9700), and just anounced its disconnecting the 9600 Pro and Non-Pro. The 9600XT is taking its place.

going back to the 256MB vs 128MB, when buying the 256MB, they are using lower quality ram, like I said, its all just marketing gimmicks.

erm, yes: you shouldn’t expect a “so big performance gain” when going from 128MB to 256MB; only some of the the latest apps. are using such a big count of vidmem. for doing useful things.

For programs without vertex/fragment_progs FX is hellowa fast. With fp’s you have to stick with lower precision modes. If you’re beginer I doubt you’ll be coding HDR effects anyway Even FX5200(250/300) is enough for bumpmaped/postprocessed scenes with hi poly count. And FX has 3 vp paths vs. 1 on Rad 2fp paths vs. 1 on Rads (But floating point textures are supported only on tex rect, at least right now, drivers are skyrocketing ).com