please ineed openGL 4.5 DLL or library or SDK ? please guys ineed it fast

please ineed openGL 4.5 DLL or library or SDK ? please guys ineed it fast:sick::sick:

OpenGL® is not a library. It is a standard for an API. Hence, there is no OpenGL® DLL or SDK download.

If you are on Microsoft® Windows®, install the drivers for your graphics card. They contain an OpenGL® implementation. The GL version you get, depends on
the version that the driver and graphics card support.

If you are on Mac OS X®, you probably won’t get GL 4.5 any time soon. The OpenGL® implementation and headers/libraries are already on your system.

If you are on an X11/Linux based system, you can install the proprietary graphics drivers. There is also a free, GL like library called Mesa that has free drivers, but
that won’t get you anywhere near GL 4.5.

When you want to use OpenGL® in your program, you will either have to use the system libraries directly, or an abstraction layer like GLFW that
takes care of the system dependend stuff for you.

OpenGL® functions then have to be loaded manually from the implementation, or you use a library that takes care of that for you like GLEW.

so please explain to me why other game engine like unreal engine 4 has opengl or gl .dll ?? why that engines has a opengl.dll

Game engines typically have a high level rendering engine that works with higher level, abstract concepts like a scene graph with scene nodes that use mesh and
material objects, etc… to render stuff. Those concepts are way more high level than OpenGL® and those rendering engines sometimes support multiple
backends in a plugin style architecture. One backend might implement abstraction layer calls using OpenGL®, another might use Direct3D®. The rendering engine
can then load whatever backend it sees fit from DLLs at runtime (something like RendererD3D.dll or RendererOpenGL.dll). This architecture is flexible and extensible
(not every backend is supported on every platform and there might be more backends in the future; If done right, no engine code change is required for that).
It has nothing to do with a magic “OpenGL® SDK”.