I installed the latest nvidia drivers yesterday, the ones that were released in june. I have a Geforce 2 GTS on an AMD 1GHz machine with 384MB of RAM.

Anyway, today my computer screen unexpectedly went black, and the monitor light went from green to yellow - meaning that there was just no more signal coming from the computer. When I tried restarting (and I had to yank the power cord out, the power and reset button had no effect), Windows XP simply would not start. It might load a little, and then the screen would go black and the light would go yellow. This only appears to happen when Windows is loading…I was looking through the BIOS settings for like half an hour and it was fine.

I tried loading it in Safe mode, last known good, etc and none of it worked. PLEASE HELP! What am I supposed to do? I’m guessing it’s the new drivers, since that’s the only new thing I’ve done recently. How can I fix this? Any suggestions are GREATLY appreciated, as I am locked out of my own computer right now!


I’ve had a lot of problems with drivers and windows xp.
and i recieved the dreded blue screen two different times.
if you try to rebbot it will not happen, if you put our xp cd in it will not be seen, and the cmos look great.
My salvation was a old Me emergency boot disk, and a total format, and a careful view of the read me files before any further driver downloads were preformed.
I have a ATI 8500DV and now all works great.
good luck