Please Help!!!

I am doing some sort of simulation in which I have an object and I’d like to check some sort of collision of that object.

I am wondering how this works in GLUT.

Actually what I am trying to do is. I have some rain drops in a windshield and I have a wiper. The Wiper movement takes place as you all know how it works.

Problem is I have this wiper and some water droplets on the screen. Now I’d like to move this water droplet when the wiper hits the droplets on the screen and all I want to clear that particular area of the screen.

Solution I am looking for:

  1. Water Droplets moves with respect to wiper.
  2. How to clear a particular portion of the screen.

If anybody have some idea how to do this effect, Please lemme know.

FYI I am using GLUT.


OpenGL is a rasterization API.

Collision detection is typically handled by something like a collision testing library (Magic, OPCODE, RAPID etc), a rigid body dynamics system (ODE, Havok, Karma etc), or possibly a scene graph (Quake).

Use OpenGL to pour geometry in one end, and receive bits on the display in the other end. If you have another need, use another API.