Please help

I’m new in this area and I want to learn. SO if you can point me what to do I will appreciate.
I know the basics of 3D programming and some DirectX so I won’t take it from the scratch.

Please tell me some URL’s with documentation


Visit the NeHe site.


Thanks! I’m going there now.


Just wondering… what prompted the change from DX? Are you leaving D3D for good? eh? … Woohoo more developers for OpenGL


I want to make a 3D RTS and from what they told me OpenGL can be ported to Linux aso (thing that obviously can’t be done with DirectX). And I hate Microsoft!!!
So everything I make and doesn’t use Mocrosoft technology makes me happy and digs another centimeter to Microsoft’s grave .
But if it will prove that DirectX is better I’ll make my program in DirectX. Now I really don’t have any opinion in that direction.