Please help with multitexturing

I have the latest Nvidia geforce4 4200 drivers (v 40.72) which this website says is all I need to take advantage of openGL 1.3 features such as multitexturing. However whenever i try to use glActiveTextureARB(GL_TEXTURE0_ARB) it says that glActiveTextureARB and GL_TEXTURE0_ARB are not defined. I can use multiple texture objects just fine in a scene, but no multitexturing. Is there some extra file I need to include to get the functionality? I am using MS VC++ 6.0. Any insight would be greatly appreciated

glClientActiveTexureARB doesn’t work either.

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You need to get proper headers to access OpenGL 1.2+ functionnality.

Microsoft just ‘offers’ OpenGL 1.1 headers and libs.

Multitexturing is an extension to OpenGL 1.1 and a core feature in OpenGL 1.2 and above.

I recommend you use some extension loading lib available for free over the net. There’s a good one at